ICE_CREAM (work in progress)

A dance and voice based choreographic duo in-between laughter and crying.

A duo piece characterized by a formal and emotional melting between laughter and crying. Ranieri’s interest is to explore that locus where boundaries melt: to write a choreographic score able to unleash all the power of ambiguity between these two poles.

A choreographic work where everything is fluid and the audience is invited to dive into images in motion suspending all the judgement.

Idea and choreography by Giselda Ranieri in collaboration with Michael Incarbone.

ICE_CREAM is supported by: ALDES, Marche Teatro – Inteatro/Polverigi; Oriente-Occidente/Rovereto; Armunia/Castiglioncello; CLAPS network/Brescia; Komm Tanz-Passo Nord – Compagnia Abbondanza-Bertoni/Rovereto.

Confirmed residencies 2023:
> Marche Teatro/ Polverigi: 5>11 December 2022 workshop-audition > Marche Teatro/ Polverigi: 9>22 January, Residency
> Armunia/Castiglioncello: 17>31 March, Residency
> CLAPS/ Brescia: 10>24 Maggio, Residency
> Marche Teatro/ Polverigi : 15>18 June, 1st studio performance

More residencies and supports:
> TCVI (Vicenza) – to be confirmed; Festival Danza Estate (Bergamo) -to be confirmed; Teatro della Tosse (Genova)- to be planned.